.. and what I got instead was the big brother, the DJI Mavic Pro drone which, in just one word is.. amazing! I only had it for a month but I can tell you, it’s just as easy to use as a toy, maybe easier sometimes. Of course, since this is a pretty serious drone it can also get very complicated. I am still working my way to its deepest settings and tweaks but I am sure she will reveal her secrets to me very soon. I can at this point say that I got way more than I was expecting. Sure, I watched a ton of reviews and tutorial videos online before actually getting it and I was familiar with the basics once I got it but I still am amazed of how much technology they packed in such a small package. All I need to do now is use it as much as possible since that’s the only way you can get the best out of it. Next step of course will be getting a drone pilot license since flying drones in Spain is stricly regulated but until then the main use of the drone will be for hobby only.

For those that saw my first post on this blog and are wondering why I went for the DJI Mavic Pro instead of the DJI Spark, the answer is pretty simple: after watching many first time flights from users on Youtube I decided this drone is as easy to pilot as the Spark if not easier, it has way better video quality and will keep me from upgrading for a long time ahead. Bellow you can see some of my first flights, just to get acquainted with the new purchase.

PS: if someone feels like copying me (it sounds crazy, I know) then you can purchase the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More package here: http://amzn.to/2uf8V3P .

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